“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”- Hal David

Kozist is about connecting with others in a positive and genuine way.

To conquer the Kozist 7-day ValYou challenge, complete the following steps:

#1 Visit this page to check out the randomized letters of the day. Today’s letters are:

 J Q

#2 Log in to your Facebook account and find a friend with those initials.

If you do not have a friend with those initials, choose the friend that comes closest. (If, for example, the letters of the day are PL but you don’t have any friends with those initials, try PK or PM)

#3 Click the Facebook share icon below.

A new window will open.
Set the dropdown menu at the top to read “On your own timeline”.

#4 Where it says “say something about this…” copy and paste this text:

I have accepted the Kozist 7-day challenge, and today I ValYou

#5  Tag the friend you are writing to by entering their name and selecting from the popup list.
#6 Write your personal message to them.

It could be a fond memory, a note about what significance they have had in your life, or just a compliment. We realize you may have to think harder for acquaintances than friends or relatives, but that’s the challenge! Don’t cheat! Create something genuine that just might make their day – and yours! ☺

Click “Public” on the popup at the bottom. It’s no fun if you don’t share with everyone.

#7 Click “Post to Facebook” Link.
#8 Repeat for 7 days!

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