5 Signs it’s Time to Leave:


  1. “Sunday night work anxiety” occurs every night. Having trouble sleeping? Dread going to work each morning? Often late or staring at the clock until the day is over? It’s time!


  1. You’re feeling depressed. Irritable? Grouchy? Not feeling motivated in work and other aspects of your life – like relationships, hobbies, and exercise? Watching too much TV? Playing too many games on your phone? It’s time!


  1. It’s hard to imagine the long haul. Not sure how to get through the next few months in your job, let alone the next few years? Would a salary increase hardly make a difference? It’s time!


  1. You complain to family, friends, co-workers, and shrinks. Are you tired of talking about it? Are they out of advice? Is the only thing left to take action? It’s time!


  1. You are aware of new physical symptoms. Greater fatigue? Higher blood pressure? More colds? Change in appetite? Increased alcohol or drug use? It’s time!



5 Steps to Make it Happen:


  1. Imagine the “impossible”. Ask yourself: What if money was not the issue? What if you could design your new job exactly as you want it? How would you want to spend your time? What would you do?


  1. Brainstorm what is possible. And get creative! If you can’t get paid for exactly what you would like to do, are there aspects of your ideal that can be found in a job or career? What are they? Write down as many related possibilities as you can.


  1. Talk to your people. Begin speaking with colleagues, family, and friends about what you are looking for, and get their input. Maybe they have ideas too. Start networking.


  1. Talk to professionals. Find a professional consultant or headhunter AND a therapist. You need to get as much information as you can. And if you have been stuck in something for longer than you like, chances are you have some internal conflict (guilt, anxiety, fear) that is holding you back. Knowing what is getting in your way can help you move forward.


  1. Take action! Do not wait for the “right time” or the “perfect job”. There may be no such thing. Babies learn to walk by taking their first steps. Put yourself in motion, and build some momentum. It may be scary, but if you have read this far, staying stuck is far worse! Go for it – you can do this!