Let’s Kozist it! This article from the Huffington Post lists five regrets that palliative care nurse, Bronnie Ware, commonly heard among people who were dying. But let’s Kozist it!
  1. Don’t let the title assume you will make the same mistakes. You still have time!
  2. Instead of passively trying to avoid regrets, let’s get active and talk about what kinds of decisions to make instead!

#1 Regret: Making decisions based on what other people think

Yes, living your life for others will cause you to harbor pain and resentment. So, get to know yourself (The Owl), and practice fending off unwelcome opinions of others (The Warrior).

         KOZIST it –> Choose what feels true and right for YOU

#2 Regret: Working hard at the expense of loved ones

Hard work and ambition are certainly something to be proud of, but we all need connection with others (The Ally). Maintaining this priority will even help you succeed in other areas.

       KOZIST it –> Make connection with others a top priority 

#3 Regret: Bottling up feelings

Some feelings can be unpleasant, but if you keep them to yourself too often they will slow you down in ways you might not even realize. Confronting what you feel and why will free you up to keep moving forward (The Witness)

       KOZIST it –> Reflect on your feelings and share them with trusted others

#4 Regret: Losing touch with friends

Life is busy, and sometimes people go their separate ways. But what would it feel like to somehow remain supportive of one another despite the different paths? (The Dancer)

       KOZIST it –> Show your support for those who have chosen a different path

#5 Regret: Not letting yourself be happy

It does not work to simply look at the bright side, and “how we react to our pain” is NOT “completely under our control” as the article states. But, being reflective, challenging one’s mindset, and continuing to work on oneself can make a difference. (What Kozist is all About)

        KOZIST it –>Invest time and attention in strengthening your SELF